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Create/Update Component Documentation for Athena Release



      Project-level docs should be reviewed and updated:

      • release-notes.rst
      • developer-guide.rst
        • this should be very technical, aimed at people who want to help develop the components
        • this should be how the component does what it does, not a requirements document of what the component should do
          • include an Architecture and Design section with diagrams and explanations!
        • this should contain what language(s) and frameworks are used, with versions
        • this should contain how to obtain the code, where to look at work items (Jira tickets), how to get started developing
      • user-guide.rst (if needed)
        • if the guide contains sections on third-party tools, is it clearly stated why the Acumos platform is using those tools? are there instructions on how to install and configure each tool/toolset?
        • does the guide state who the target users are? for example, modeler/data scientist, Acumos platform admin, marketplace user, design studio end user, etc
        • if there are instructions, they are clear, correct, and fit for purpose
          does the guide contain information more suited for a different guide?
        • a user guide should be how to use the component or system; it should not be a requirements document
      • API docs - you can generate documentation from a swagger json file
      • tutorials (if needed)



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