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Add missing license/copyright notices to code and doc files



    Attached is a collection of files identifying

    • Acumos repo files that do not have a license notice internally (missing_license.txt)
    • Acumos repos that do not have a top-level LICENSE.txt file
      • Note this file is needed to cover file types that do not support embedded license/copyright
    • Acumos repo files that do not have a copyright notice internally (missing_copyright.txt)
    • Acumos repo files that have a license (Apache, MIT, BSD) and copyright notice (license_check_summary.txt)
    • A list of the files checked (check_files.txt)
      • Note this excludes the following file extensions: "\.git|\.idx|\.json|\.png|\.PNG|\.jpg|\.gif|\.mp4|\.eot|\.ttf|\.woff|.\woff2|\.bz2|\.db|\.cer|\.gz|\.jar|\.pdf|\.pkcs12|training-data"
    • the script used to generate this report (license_check.sh) 

    The files were last scanned on Aug 20 2018. These files need to have notices included per the templates in the wiki at https://wiki.acumos.org/display/AC/License+Templates


    • due to the variety of notice text included (which is itself an issue this effort is intended to improve), some files included in the reports may be false positives/negatives for this notice check; that will be assessed further for each file, and patches or exception rules created as needed to avoid such issues.
    • test-models and vm-predictor repos are also affected, but there appears to be no related Jira component
    • repos are being re-scanned periodically and this bug report will be updated as needed
    • license_templates.txt does not included templates for all file types - some types e.g. for which there is no extension, need to be investigated further to determine what comment support they have. You can see the full set of file "types" (by extensions or filename) in license_check_summary.txt . There are a wide variety of files included in the repos, some more of which probably do not support licenses. A process of assessing which do support notices and which should have notices is underway as part of this issue.
    • If there are specific technical reasons why some files cannot carry internal licenses, please comment to this issue and the check script will be updated.



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