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Oneclick deployment of Acumos on OpenShift



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      Enhance the oneclick tools to support deploying Acumos on OpenShift, including tools adapt the generic k8 templates as needed.

      • include changes for ACUMOS-2150
      • reintroduce docker-service via docker-dind, as insecure registries cannot be added to the docker service under Centos without killing the OpenShift install (since docker has to be restarted to apply the changes, and for Centos this stops all docker containers...)
      • Connect kong to kong-database directly over localhost:5432, as for some reason accessing the database via the service address is not working under OpenShift (and isn't needed for pod-internal communication anyway)
      • Add acumos-env.sh parameter allowing user to set a specific namespace for the deployment (will be needed for tenants, which are associated with "projects" in OpenShift, and projects are an extension of namespaces)
      • Simplify reset of earlier installations by just deleting the namespace/project (this deletes all related resources including pods/deployments/services/secrets/...)
      • Add Centos-specific prereqs and cleanup code, selected when the Linux distro is not "ubuntu"
      • Remove host installation of docker for k8s/OpenShift based installs (retain only for docker-based installs - to be deprecated and removed later)
      • Add option for generic k8s or OpenShift based installs
      • Add option for docker-compose to start/stop just the ELK stack (preliminary update - others pending for ELK in later patches)
      • use "oc" in place of "kubectl" for OpenShift based installs
      • Improve method of determining primary IP address of the install host
      • add support for Ubuntu 18.04 (install docker.io instead of docker-ce since latest docker-ce throws an error in k8s install due to incompatibility, in 18.04 only)
      • for Centos, use docker config (e.g. for image pull secrets) from /root since that is where sudo puts it...
      • replace use of "~" with $HOME
      • add K8S_DIST to acumos-env.sh
      • refactor to separate core components from non-core (mariadb, kong, nexus, ELK) to more easily select which to use
      • migrate host-installed components (e.g. mariadb) to docker
      • build local images for customization
      • store persistent data in PV/PVC under k8s
      • create resources (e.g. PV, PVC) using ACUMOS_NAMESPACE to allow multiple deployments under unique namespaces
      • address OpenShift-specific constraints e.g. for security
      • update other tools to be compatible with the changes above (clean.sh, peer-test.sh, docker-compose.sh, docker-proxy/deploy,sh)
      • align designs where possible across docker, k8s-generic, k8s-openshift


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