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Migrate Solution/Pipeline deployment to Jenkins-based process



    • Epic Name:
      Jenkins-driven Deployment
    • Sprint:
      ETE Clio 1,2,3


      Migrate Solution/Pipeline deployment to Jenkins-based process:

      • use a platform-internal Jenkins service (deployed as a on-demand service through k8s API)
      • pass Jenkins jobs (templates) that execute the specific deployment process.
      • watch for completion of the job and report status

      Proposed steps to get started:

      • outline architectural changes
      • assess process for each type of deployment target, i.e. what code from Java components can be extracted as logic for re-implementation as "seeds" (parameritized Jenkins template)
      • based upon value, complexity, resources, prioritize which targets will be tacked in Clio (at minimum, k8s)
        • potential scope: all targets and solution lifecycle aspects
        • likely scope: k8s as a target, and deployment stage only
          • private k8s platform, the standup of which is out of scope
        • future scope
          • public clouds
          • later ("day 2") stages, e.g. upgrade, scale, retirement
      • investigate/propose ways to use new technology
      • get access to code and documentation for functions being contributed by CMLP team
        • client code that drives Jenkins APIs
        • deployment seeds (template) for k8s targets
      • determine how to adapt the core CMLP code to Acumos environment
        • what will not be contributed e.g. because it's AT&T proprietary
        • describe what is missing and how to adapt it as a result
      • in Sprint 1
        • stand up a Jenkins service under Acumos (OA&M), either as always-on or on-demand containerized Jenkins services
        • adapt a seed for a simple model deployment under k8s, to be invoked as a job
        • adapt k8s-client to invoke Jenkins job API


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